Business attire – men

  • Professional Business Attire consisting of a suit or blazer and slacks, shirt and tie is required for all men in management positions. A jacket is to be worn when in the public eye.
  • Men in non-management, non-uniformed positions will wear a shirt, tie and dress slacks.
  • Traditional fabrics such as wool, wool-like fabrics, or cotton blends are appropriate, while denim, corduroy, khaki, flowing silk or other fabrics, wide-knits, leather, suede or any other fabric suggesting casual sportswear or evening attire are not appropriate.
  • Shoes must be leather or leather-like dress shoes with slip resistant soles, clean and in good repair at all times. Shoes must have a closed toe and heel (with the exception of approved clogs for kitchen staff members), and have a non-slip sole with an upper sole of substantial construction (leather or heavy vinyl).
  • Seasonal grooming guidelines will be communicated several times per year.